This event has been on my main schedules for many years. Not just because it marks the lighting of the official Toronto’s Christmas tree, but also because of the elegance and the extravagance of the event itself. Lots of great music, performances, fireworks and of course… Lights! The light shows are always so amazing and breathtaking and this event never disappoints year after year.

No matter what your line of work or level of interest - from high-end directors, producers and pro photographers to indie shooters, freelancers and serious enthusiasts - ProFusion has something for everyone.

The 10th anniversary of the ProFusion pro-imaging expo promises to be the best one yet. Canadian-premiere product launches of the coolest new gear. Exclusive hands-on demonstrations. Great tips from industry insiders. And your chance to purchase must-have merchandise on the showroom floor. Admission is free. Just register for tickets. If you're a serious photographer or videographer, this is the place to be.