It’s not the first time we’ve been chosen to be the exclusive media presence for an event in town but this was different. I don’t know what exactly was it. Was it the amazing artifacts that are unique to this shop? Or that oriental cultural intimacy that you feel the moment you enter the shop? Or the warmness of the owner “Mervat” and her adorable little daughter who hugs everyone enters the place making immediate friends with them? The point is you feel home immediately when you cross that door.

The Shop

Once you get into the shop you feel that coziness of the extremely warm oriental artifacts and ornaments. Surrounded by these beautiful pieces from every direction it makes feel home no matter what your cultural background is or what your roots are. It feels more like a home than just a shop. Click here to see the video ↩

The Artifacts

From home decorations, to clothes through kitchenware and jewelry, every piece of artifact tells a unique story about that part of the world that has been mistakenly branded for centuries as the land of darkness. Perhaps because it’s the land of ancient mysteries that even the people who live in it can’t solve or comprehend as they’re as ancient as history and human kind is. Yet, these pieces of art can be a key to unlock the beauty and secrets of the orient and they certainly will make your house a much more beautiful and cozier place to live in. Click here to see the photos ↩

The Location

At a beautiful location on Timberlea Blvd in the beautiful city of Mississauga lays this nice and cozy place (click here for the location map ↩). It maybe important to mention that the place has a special room always that the owner plans to run special workshops (especially for women) and also can be rented to run small events and workshops. Here’s how you can get there:


5004 Timberlea Blvd Unit 19
Mississauga, ON L4W 2S6


Video Highlights

Photo Gallery