This event has been on my main schedules for many years. Not just because it marks the lighting of the official Toronto’s Christmas tree, but also because of the elegance and the extravagance of the event itself. Lots of great music, performances, fireworks and of course… Lights! The light shows are always so amazing and breathtaking and this event never disappoints year after year.

DJ Mel Boogie Hits it

The event started with DJ Mel Boogie who encouraged us to move and dance in the extremely cold outside weather that night. Everybody was excited and moving around dancing in a way that our heavy clothing couldn’t stop us.


A First Nation's Welcome

Then the traditional welcome by Elder Gary Sault with some capturing first nation spiritual song that kick started the event for the 53rd year in the city.


Indigenous Music in Electro Style

Riit followed the welcome performing new-age indigenous songs with electro music style. It’s amazing the extend of the traditional “throat singing” can add to music and sound. Riit was accompanied by another vocalist Alexia who performed amazing throat singing that everyone was astonished by.


The Tree in Lights

The performance was followed by the official tree lighting by Mayor John Toy and families of the managers from Great Gulf (the official sponsor of the event) and some other guests. Everybody shouted the countdown to the huge (20,000 lights) Christmas tree sponsored by Toronto Hydro and screamed in enthusiasm when the tree was fully lit like a beautiful bride on her wedding day.

Creation in Vivo

Then the Queen of Ice came through the crowd (visiting from the North Pole) with an amazing pole swaying performance by Creation in Vivo who came all the way long from Ottawa to spread happiness and glamour to this great Torontonian event. All that while the stage was being prepared for the next great performance by the Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

A Lemon Bucket to Enjoy

The stage was so hot, despite the extreme cold that night, the moment the Lemon Bucket Orkestra took the stage. They sang and danced and made everyone sing and dance with them. People could not feel the cold anymore with that extreme energy that was spread from that stage. Some songs were in languages that most people don’t know but that didn’t stop people from dancing to their amazing tunes and also didn’t stop the orchestra from teaching us some words to sing as their huge extended choir.



And finally, DJ Mel Boogie took the stage back with some live music accompanied with another amazing performance by Creation in Vivo. All in all, what a great night to spend with friends and family and people from all around the city wo welcome both Christmas and the approaching Canadian cold winter while celebrating love, diversity, acceptance and happiness.

 Video Highlights from Cavalcade of Lights 2019

 Photos from Cavalcade of Lights 2019