The opening night of CODEX 2020 Exhibition by OCAD university at the Onsite Gallery in Toronto was a great event that shows art and technology in one place. CODEX is an exhibition of leading-edge digital art, or eArt, investigates the future of human society through technology, innovation and design. It encourages audiences to reflect on the symbiotic relationship between technology and human society, and the resulting possibilities for our future through algorithms, identity and the nature of reality.

It was my annual trip to the Franchise Expo to see what is new in the franchise world.

There lots of the same business I had seen in previous years and some new very interesting business!

It was special experience to be on set of Snowed Inn and period piece taking place in the 1820's. Written and Produced by Nasreen Somji the story about a group of strangers stranded in hotel due a massive snow storm. It doesn't take long for drama to begin and everyone is keep everything to themselves, including some with secrets that will have affects on everyone!

It’s not the first time we’ve been chosen to be the exclusive media presence for an event in town but this was different. I don’t know what exactly was it. Was it the amazing artifacts that are unique to this shop? Or that oriental cultural intimacy that you feel the moment you enter the shop? Or the warmness of the owner “Mervat” and her adorable little daughter who hugs everyone enters the place making immediate friends with them? The point is you feel home immediately when you cross that door.